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It includes accommodation in beautiful place, all-inclusive with full Ayurvedic vegetarian meal services for cleansing and healing, Personal health consultation with Vaidhya Sonal, all required Ayurvedic healing treatments, herbs, in depth suggestions about pathyahar (Wholesome diet for different basic body constitution) and Ayurvedic panchkarma therapies with Ayurvedic herbs. It includes several programmes on Ayurveda like lectures, Ayurvedic cooking workshop, yoga classes, meditation and chanting etc.

To maximize the success of treatment Ayurveda recommends lifestyle modifications and certain changes in one's diet. People who are undergoing this panchkarma program can achieve maximum result if they focus completely on healing process. If someone removes external demands of mind and body then the system can devote its full resources to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate the dhatus (seven tissues).

Main Healing and Cleansing Treatments include Abhyanga(whole body massage), Gharshana, Vishesha, Ubatana(dry powder massage), Swedana(fomentation), Pindasweda, Basti (therapeutic enema for cleansing), Nasya(nasal medication), Shirodhara, Marama etc.

Take a small step for long and healthy life with the help of five thousand years old great ancient science named Ayurveda.

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