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Ayurvedic Health Consultation


Ayurvedic Health Consultation for Prevention and Doshic balance

An initial consultation may take upto one and half hour, later sessions last 30 to 45 minutes.

This conversation session developes complete database about patient's past clinical history, living style, food habits, disorders or aliments developed in the individual case. This important session covers the following session:

Rogi pariksha (patient's examination by interrogation)

Panchendriya pariksha (physical examination) by completely ayurvedic methodology. i.e., by Darshan, Sparshan, Shravan, Rasana, Dhran (Face, Eye, Tongue, nail examination)

Personal history and health profile

Nadi pariksha (pulse diagnosis for determining body constitution)

#   Method of Treatment

Dincharya (daily routine with food habits).

In depth suggestions about pathyahar (wholesome diet for different basic constitution).

Exercises and yoga if required according to disorders.

Treatment with ayurvedic herbs and home remedies.

Scheduling time table and appointment for further sessions in compliance with patient's schedule.