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Introductory course of Ayurveda


Course Details

Ayurveda a traditional, holistic, natural healing science of health has been practiced for over 5,000 years and teaches how to live a healthy, balanced life. By connecting mind, body and spirit, Ayurveda strives to improve harmony and happiness in an individual. Ayurveda respects the uniqueness of an individual with mind body and spirit and treat root cause for the imbalances. Ayurveda seeks to restore the natural balance and improve the state of health and for that emphasizes the maintenance of good health through a balanced daily routine (Dinacharya), seasonal routine (Ritucharya) and a balanced wholesome diet.

The participants of this course will learn and explore a new way to look at life and health.

Course overview

  • Introduction to Ayurveda with fundamental principles
  • Concepts of Five Basic Elements, three Doshas, and seven dhatus.
  • Determine basic body constitution and their diet concept
  • Learn about balance, imbalance and diseases' manifestation
  • Daily and seasonal routine to enliven inner intelligence
  • Therapeutic understanding of some common Ayurvedic herbs
  • Ayurvedic home remedies for common health problems
  • Learn about the balance diet according to Ayurveda
  • Use of Ayurvedic herbs and spices to enhance the digestion
  • Understand the twelve different types of Ayurvedic food groups
  • Combine food using Ayurvedic principles

Course Teacher

Ayurvedic Doctor Sonal is a master of doctor in Ayurveda from the world famous university of Ayurveda, Jamnagar Ayurvedic University, India. She is also Registered holistic Nutritional Consultant from CSNN Toronto. She has been practicing as an Ayurvedic consultant, Panchkarma specialist, teacher and researcher in India, Canada and North America for over 20 years. Dr. Sonal has been invited to many famous institutions as an expert to express her knowledge on subjects like Ayurveda a complete science for human being, Ayurvedic nutrition, Panchkarma therapy, Diabetes, Stress management etc. She is a life time member of all India Ayurvedic congress and Gujarat Ayurvedic congress India, regular invite as an Ayurvedic Doctor on all India radio.

Currently practicing and teaching in Ayurveda and offering holistic health services in
Toronto, Canada.

(647) 283 9070


This course is open to every one including yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, those who have interest in healing with holistic science and all common people.


Graduates of the course will receive a certificate.


Tuition: $


To book your one on one training call @ 647 283 9070

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Address: 483, Lawrence avenue west, Suite:B, Toronto,Ontario,M5M 1C6

Disclaimer: This course is not for the purpose of any diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any disease. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concerns, please consult your family physician or primary health care provider.