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Ayurvedic Healing Treatments


Pre operative therapeutics for purifying and strengthening the body mind and consciousness for good health.

# SNEHANA (Oleation therapy)


Abhyanga: Massage of body in hari direction with warm herbal medicated oil acording to disorder with one or two therapist.

Udvartana: Massage of body with herbal powder in oppoiste direction of hair according to disorders.

Lepa: Application of herbs on skin like on face, scalp or hair.

    - Facial with herbs.

    - Hair treatment with herbs.

Mardana: Massage with pressure for tight muscles.

Pishinchhali or Parishake: Pouring medicated herbal oil on body with two therapist.

Shirodhara: Shiro means 'head' and dhara means 'the dripping of oil like a thread'. A continuous drippiing of medicated herbal warm oil in a steady stream on the forehead for mental relaxation and spiritual healing.

Shirobasti: Keeping medicated herbal oil or some herbal formulas on head with the help of special leather cap called basti.

Katibasti: Apply medicated oil in a container of black gram dough built around the lumbosacral area for muscle spasm and rigidity of the lower spine and strengthens the bone tissue in that area.

Netrabasti or Tarpana: Apply medicated ghee contained by a dam constructed around the eye sockets for nourishing the eyes.

Urobasti: Apply medicated herbal oil in a container also constructed of black gram dough around the heart area to reduce pain in the sternum area and strengthens the heart.



# SWEDANA (Therapeutic heat)


Nadi Swedana: Penetrating heat with vapour for local use by pipe method.

Bashpa Swedana: Steam bath in a steam box or with vapour fomentation of herb leaves.

Pinda Swedana: Pinda means 'bolus', a soft rounded mass with cooked rice and swedana means 'heat'. Hot rice bolus which is cooked in vata pacifying herbal decoction that rubbed vigourously over the entier body focussing on the muscle tissue and joints in fashion of Abhyanga.

Valooka Swedana: Dry fomentation by hot sand particularly on joints and tight muscles.

Avagaha Swedana: Hydrotherapy with tub bath with warm herbal decoction or water.